Monday, May 9, 2011

Coaching's Multiplier Effect

In economics, the multiplier effect roughly means that one dollar of increased spending (usually by the government) produces more than one dollar of added consumer spending and an even greater increase in overall national income. As a leader and coach for your staff, you can also get a multiplier effect for your efforts.

That lesson was brought home today when I told a new client in an organization about an exercise to help get in touch with her record of accomplishment. She told me that she had already done the exercise at the suggestion of one of her colleagues, who happened to be a former client. Confidentiality rules kept me from revealing the connection, but I was delighted to learn that my coaching techniques had been embraced and passed along within the organization.

Keep the multiplier effect in mind as you help your staff increase their potential for success. Your investment will pay off more than you think!

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