Sunday, March 20, 2011

Do You Know What's Going On?

You are responsible for advancing your career - not your boss, not your mentor, not the HR department. An important ingredient in your career plan is information - lots of it. When is the last time you read the business section of a national newspaper, magazine or blog? You have so many options today for accessing information and insights. Print may still work for you. The Internet on your PC takes you to so many sources. Then there are all the apps on your smartphone and tablet.

Make sure you venture out of the circle of your immediate business and professional interests. You may find a useful bit of information in a profile on the CEO from a different industry. Leadership skills are almost always transferable. Stories about business meltdowns offer lessons in how smart people can make bad decisions. Opening your mind and broadening your information base will help you connect ideas and promote creativity. To think out of the box, read out of the box.

What may be missing in your information-gathering approach is old-fashioned discipline. Yes, you are busy meeting deadlines and dealing with office politics. Think of the time you spend reading about market trends, new technology, and financial developments as an investment in your career. The ROI will exceed your expectations.

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