Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What's Worse Than Rejection?

What's worse than rejection? I can think of so many things: Being stuck in a dead-end job. Always feeling you missed a great opportunity. Seeing someone else get credit for an idea you had. Please feel free to add your favorite regrets and "second-guessing" situations to the list. I know you have them. We all do.

How do we get beyond our fear of rejection to take chances that could make all the difference in our careers? One strategy is to build a network of supportive people you trust and value. Call them your "validation" group. Test options and ideas with them; they will give you honest feedback. Then make your move in the larger world.

Not everyone you reach out to will return your call or email. Not everyone will embrace your creative initiative. When that happens, tell yourself that the people who really appreciate your talents are behind you. Keep trying. The next time you pick up the phone, you may find an eager collaborator at the other end of the line. You will never know unless you try. There are worse things than the momentary sting of rejection.

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