Monday, February 28, 2011

Social Network Wins Oscar!

Yes, I know. "The King's Speech" won the Oscar for best picture. On the other hand, the Motion Picture Academy showed its love for social media through live streams on its web site, real-time blogs, and Twitter feeds during the Oscar ceremony. In a play to win a younger demographic, as noted by the youngest ever Oscar hosts, the Academy layered social network tools on the tried-and-true format.

Did it work? Many media critics and commentators on my Facebook page didn't think so. The consensus was that the effort came across as awkward and distracting rather than spontaneous and engaging.

What does this mean for how we use social media in our work? One lesson may be that adding new technology to old ideas will not create the desired excitement and freshness. Creative ideas for solving a problem or meeting a need come first. Technology must be an integral part of the solution, not a designer accessory flaunted on the Red Carpet.

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