Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rocky & Adrian - Great Partners

Rocky & Adrian. Captain Kirk & Spock. Arianna Huffington & Kenneth Lerer. What do these duos have in common? They join people with dramatically different personalities to form a highly successful team. You know all about the first two pairs. The third matches the very public face of The Huffington Post with the man behind the scenes. Read this article to see how Huffington and Lerer melded their contrasting skills and expertise to take the blog from a small start to a $315 million payday.

Is there a lesson in this story for the rest of us? For me, it means moving out of the comfort zone of being with people like ourselves to find colleagues who bring different ideas and skills to the table. You may be put off at first by someone who comes on strong when you like to take your time getting to know people. It may take awhile to discover how to work effectively with someone who seems to be your opposite. I know from experience, though, that great results can come from these "odd couple" pairings. Together, you can be smarter, more creative, and more effective than either of you can be alone.

Keep in mind what Rocky said to Adrian: "I got gaps; you got gaps; we fill each other's gaps."

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