Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Good Job!" The Power of Positive Feedback

If you spend much time with the pre-school set, you often hear "Good Job!" said enthusiastically in response to signs of evolving self-management skills - drink all your milk, share your toys, stop hitting your little brother. The power of positive feedback doesn't end when we move from Dora, the Explorer to Seth Godin, marketing guru. It is still a force in our work lives.

As leaders and managers, we often stumble when we have to tell people they are not meeting expectations. We are advised to be direct and clear when giving feedback about shortfalls in performance. That is good advice. It is only one side of the story, however. People also need to be told what they are doing right.

Remember to say "Good Job!" to your colleagues and staff whenever they contribute to meeting your organization's goals. Don't wait for the big win or milestone. Each step forward is important in the process. With the power of positive feedback, people will push even harder to get the job done.

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