Thursday, January 6, 2011

Resiliency Is My Favorite Word

Resiliency is the ability to recover quickly from change or misfortune. To me, it also means the ability to adapt and grow in the face of set-backs and disappointments. Resiliency can be more than "bouncing back;" it can mean "bouncing higher" as we move out of our comfort zone and integrate new ways of thinking and acting into our everyday behavior. We all run up against obstacles. The way we respond - with resilience or resignation - can make all the difference.

A great story about the power of resiliency can be found on the blog of Elisa Balabram, author of Ask Others, Trust Yourself and a successful business coach specializing in entrepreneurship.

Disclosure: Every coach needs a coach, and Elisa is mine. I go to her for advice on developing my own business and for guidance on my work with clients. She is a wonderful resource and, more importantly, a good friend.

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