Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How To Pass the Baton

There are a number of reasons people include joining the board of a nonprofit organization in their career plans. A passionate commitment to the mission is one motivation. Networking opportunities may also play a part. Whatever the reasons, once you have made the commitment, you will have to carry out your considerable responsibilities to the best of your ability.

Many nonprofit board members are dealing with the critical job of recruiting an executive director or CEO to run the organization. As the baby boomers retire, turnover at the top of the nonprofit world is accelerating. In many cases, the current leader is also the founder of the organization. This makes for a high-risk transition.

Here is a resource that can help you and your fellow board members ensure that the baton is passed smoothly to the new leader. The Annie E. Casey Foundation has sponsored research in this executive transition process. The results have been published in a series of monographs available on their web site.

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