Saturday, January 1, 2011

Follow Your Passion -- Or Not

This is the first post of Year 2 of my life as a blogger. When I started in early 2010, the idea was to share my wisdom and insights as a change agent for organizations and people aspiring to more successful and gratifying careers. I began writing about what happens in the brain during the change process and meandered through various topics suggested by my work with coaching clients and articles online and in print.

So how is this blogging thing working out for me? Let's do the numbers: 23 posts; one follower; and a smattering of comments on my blog and Facebook page. Well, it's a start. I have sought the advice of those more savvy in the ways of social media. "How do I get people to read my blog?" I implored. The most frequent answer was "follow your passion!" There is the problem right there. "Passion" is not a word or emotion I throw around lightly, certainly not in daily posts (or whatever haphazard schedule I am on). I am more cerebral than emotional. In fact, I believe the power of passion - word and emotion - has been degraded by overuse in sometimes trivial ways. Where are the grand passions that drive real change? Joan of Arc was passionate about taking Charles VII to be crowned and freeing France from the grip of the English. Do today's passions always measure up? You be the judge.

Since I believe that success in life and work starts with a sound understanding and acceptance of our individual strengths and qualities, I am not about to force more "passion" into my blog. I will stay true to myself. So dear reader, I ask you to join me in my 2011 blogging quest to follow my curiosity and caring about people - how they grow and change and fulfill their dreams, even their passions. Happy New Year!

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  1. Keep it up! A blog can be free-form, what's-on-your-mind, stream-of-consciousness type discussion. Lots of people stop blogging because they can't think of anything "profound" to say. But I argue that blogs are mostly disposable anyway, so just keep writing and let your readers extract what they want from your words. There's value in just trucking on... you never know what part of your sharing will connect for someone, related to your main theme or not.