Monday, January 31, 2011

Don't Swing at Every Pitch

I work with many women in the "helping" professions - physicians, clinical psychologists, and social activists, among others. Driven by their passion to make the world a better place, these talented women often find themselves overwhelmed by the many tasks they take on. Saying "no" does not come easily for them. They may be disappointed by the results they achieve because their attention and energy are spread so thin. Work/life balance suffers, as well.

If this description fits you. you may want to take a tip from Hall of Fame baseball players with great batting averages. These outstanding athletes combined discipline and patience at the plate with their superior physical abilities. They waited for the right pitches - the ones they felt confident they could hit to make a difference in the game.

The next time someone pitches you another project or you see another part of the world that needs fixing, take a minute before you commit. Think about how this initiative fits into your overall strategy and your schedule. Remember, you don't have to swing at every pitch to be a superstar!

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